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Fanfictions for all!

amelia_124Oct. 25th, 2005 04:06 pm Fanfiction + Fanart

Well, I guess I should post a fic or two... Here are two Teen Titan one-shots I wrote while I was in 'senti' mode... Hehe... They're both Robin/Raven one-shots since I love that pairing so much... The first one, I think is better... Since I didn't spend so much time on the second one... X_x

The LetterCollapse )

Now... For the second one... Which I didn't like as much as The Letter...

That Day At The ParkCollapse )

Woo... Now I feel all tingly inside... XD I also bring some XS RP fan-art! ^^ I hope you don't mind but I can only draw anthros... XD For some reason... So Shock's a wolf, Azure and I are cats. Hey Jill! What animal would you like to be?

Ooo... Art...Collapse )

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Oct. 14th, 2005 05:38 pm Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction (part 3)

Oops... should have posted this ages ago. My badness.

Skin Deep ch3Collapse )

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Sep. 26th, 2005 08:03 pm Xiaolin Showdown fanfic (part 2)

Okies, here's part two of me fanfic.

Skin Deep ch2Collapse )

This story doesn't have a happy ending. Just to warn people in advance ...

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Sep. 21st, 2005 06:08 pm Xiaolin Showdown fanfic

Um, well... I hope this is acceptable for a post. It's quite long... but here goes.

Jadebell doesn't know how to RP...Collapse )

Anyhow... this is a fanficcing community (I think), but my main mega-sized Xiaolin Showdown fic is on hiatus because of writer's block, lack of time and inspiration and just plain laziness. However, since I just joined here, I thought it was only fair that I should contribute something even if I can't RP, so I'll put up a shorter XS fic I wrote a little while ago.

It's called Skin Deep. On ffnet I put the whole thing in one chapter, but here I'll put each scene as a separate chapter. Feel free to comment, remark or criticize... or just read, if you like.

Skin Deep ch1Collapse )

Short, but I'll put the next part up in another post. Of course, I have the full thing up on ffnet already...


Um, yeah. That's about it. Apologies for the long post. -_-;;

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crazedandamazedSep. 17th, 2005 06:29 pm RP Profiles for All!

Hey, I know this isn't Fanfic-topic and I'm obvious off topic here but I'd like to make Profiles for all. If you look in my 'user info' you'll see a profile for Azure.

Want one? You gotta give me brief info for: eye and hair colour. And the colours your OC's like to wear cos I'm using a cool doll maker.All I need is your OC's:

Full name:
Where are they from:

I could get your likes and hates from the profiles here. But I'd like to make better ones! ^_^ Also I can do profiles for guys too! *coughshockcough*


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amelia_124May. 30th, 2005 10:44 pm Character Information...

Ehehe... Just a little formality... Thingie... Yeah. This post has the information on the members and their respective OCs... All... Three of us... *laughs* Anyways... Yeah. If I left anything about your character out, please let me know.

Info on ShockCollapse )
Info on RubyCollapse )
Info on JillianCollapse )
Info on ZurieCollapse )
Random-GoersCollapse )

To all new members... If we ever get any... :P Just joined? Before you participate in an RP, mind filling out this teensy form for me? That is if you have an OC. If you don't, that's fine. ^_^ Fill it out and comment on THIS entry will the filled out form... Please and thank you!

Please tell me if I left anything out or if you want to change something... ^_^

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cartoonhottieApr. 6th, 2005 08:47 am ME!

hello i'm Jillian
personality:shy quite and likes to be alone at times
Likes: Xiaolin showdown, Clay Bailey, drawing, painting, writing poetry, and playing on the computer. puppies and taking naps.
Dislikes: people who swear, perverts, Cats(too snotty)and losers from my school.
Looks like: brown hair with blond highlights blue eyes pale skin with light freckles and a brown dot on my right cheek.

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amelia_124Apr. 2nd, 2005 04:01 pm RP We Shall!

Care to kick off? The New Dragons... Continued... :D "The guys had smackdown." XD
Master Fung: Young monks, breakfast!
Girls: *run in* Food!
Omi and Clay: *walking in* *sniff*
Omi: I cannot smell a thing.
Clay: I knew fighting in the snow was a bad idea...
Omi: On the contrary, you were the one who fought back.
Clay: Yeah but you started it.
Omi: I momentarily lost control. I merely pushed you.
Clay: Yeah but then you-
Ruby: *gives them their plates* Eat up, boys.
Both: *looks at food*
Ruby: I swear I didn't go into the kitchen today.
Both: *digs in*
Kimiko: Yeah but who says she had to be in the kitchen to make breakfast?
Boys: *stop in mid-chew*
Raimundo: *sneezes loudly*
Girls: GERMS!! *scream*
Raimundo: Very funny... I have a cold now...
Kimiko: Really? YOu don't sound like it.
Raimundo: I swear I do. I feel hot and I can't breathe.
Ruby: *puts hand on Rai's forehead* You're burning up just a little bit. YOu'll live.
Raimundo: You sure?
Ruby: *puts hand on Rai's neck* Yeah, you'll definitely live. Eat up. Get your strenght back.
Kimiko: *pushes plate Ruby's way* You too.
Ruby: Where's Shock? He needs breakfast too...
YOu know the drill, comment and all that jazz.

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amelia_124Mar. 18th, 2005 08:32 am Introducing...


Well... Shock had a *brilliant* idea to start a fic that introduced our two characters, Shock and Rubianca. *thinks* Rubianca sounds too long, how about RUBY! Okay, Shock and Ruby, our two new dragons...

Raimundo: KIYA! *kicks moving training dummy*
Kimiko: Tangle Web Comb! *wraps it in hair*
Omi: *throws moving training dummy onto the ground*
Clay: *jumps onto training dummy*
Training dummy: *splat*
XS: *high fives*
Raimundo: Nice work guys.
Omi: Oh yes, our speed has improved muchly!
Master Fung: *walks out* Hello Young ones, I have a surprise for you. New students!
Omi: Ah yes... This has happened once before!
Kimiko: Really, Master Fung? New students?
Master Fung: Yes, come to the grand hall. *walks to the grand hall*
XS: *follow*
*walk into the grand hall to see a boy and a girl standing there*
Master Fung: Dragons, meet Ruby *points to the girl* and Shock *points to the guy*.
Ruby: *nudges Shock* You talk first. *whispers*
Shock: No way. You do it. *whispers*
Ruby: Why me?
Shock: Just do it.
Ruby: I hate you. *pouts*
Shock: I know you do. *smirks*
Ruby: *clears throat and waves nervously* Hi... I'm Rubianca but you can call me Ruby. I'm not really sure what to say right now. But I hope we can be good friends in the future.
Shock: *rasberry*
Ruby: *vein pulsing* Anyways, uh... That's about it.
Kimiko: *shakes hand* Hi.
Clay: *tips hat*
Clay: At last, Kimiko will have another girl to talk to and giggle about girl stuff! *jumps up and down*
Raimundo: *staring* Hi...
Ruby: Your turn... *pushes Shock in front*
Shock: *coughs*

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amelia_124Feb. 2nd, 2005 05:09 pm Intro!

Hiya! This community is OBVIOUSLY dedicated to the evil dictators, people like Dr. Robotnik and Jack Spicer. My faves? JACK SPICER!! He's funny and can be a little stupid at times but that's why we love him. Well... that's why I love him, anyway. Lol. He's the villian in Xiaolin Showdown, as any XS fan knows, he is bent on total world domination. Then again, which evil dictator isn't?
Jack Spicer is the apprentice to Wuya, the evil Hay Lin witch ALSO bent on world domination. Wuya sometimes has to suffer because of Jack's villian-ness... (is that even a word?) Ah whatever. Jack can be a blabbermouth sometimes and this can actually lead to his downfall.
The whole, evil villain gloat gloat thing while the good guys formulate a plan to escape. Like in Kim Possible, Dr. Dracken always gloats when KP is locked in some kind of handcuff/legcuff thingy. And this is the time Kim ,Wade, Ron and Rufus try and get themselves out of this...
Evil dictators rarely seem to actually win, but when they do, you can get to hear more gloating and more of that Muhahahaha stuff. They provide comic relief sometimes... :)
I am so sure that the TV, comic world would be nothing if it weren't for these evil dictators. I mean, COME ON! Who wants a show where every single villain is a serious, always successful person? Not me. SO to the makers of XS, Sonic the Hedgehog, Teen Titans (remember the crazy villain, Control Freak? Yes, I know he isn't a dictator but he was still a funny villain!) and all those shows with evil crazy dictators, don't remove the crazy dictators!! We love 'em! :)

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