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Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction (part 3) - Fanfictions for all!

Oct. 14th, 2005 05:38 pm Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction (part 3)

Oops... should have posted this ages ago. My badness.

Chapter 3

Wuya threw her head back into the air, laughing triumphantly as she once again felt solid ground beneath her feet. She could feel her tremendous power surging through her, and she couldn’t wait to unleash it again on the world.

“It’s great to be back,” she declared.

She turned to face the person who had revived her. “I suppose I should thank you for restoring me,” she said in a low murmur, smiling in a slightly conspicuous effort to win him over with charm.

“You could,” Chase said stiffly, pointedly ignoring Wuya’s attempt to entice him, “if you thought it would accomplish anything …” He had his arms folded, shoulders rigid, his handsome face marred by a frigid frown.

“Leave now,” he said coldly, and he pointed commandingly to the lands outside his palace. “Go wreak the destruction you so plainly desire.”

Wuya twirled around, arms wide out in an impish dance. She sat down at the dining table, making herself quite comfortable in one of Chase’s chairs.

“I can take over the world any time,” she told him. “I’d much rather stay here with you.”

Chase said nothing, merely regarding her with his icy reptilian eyes. Her over-confidence would yet again be her downfall. Not that he cared.

“I can give you anything, you know,” she said gently, leaning forward onto the table teasingly.

This elicited a small sigh. “I have no need of your … charity.”

“There must be something you want,” she said, full of intrigue, her eyes sparkling with mischievous amusement. “Riches?” She snapped her fingers, and a wild selection of coins, rubies, and diamonds appeared at Chase’s feet.

"No need," he said, not even giving it a second thought. He really did have no use for material wealth. He already owned a palace, after all.

Wuya snapped her fingers, and the shining gold and sparkling gems disappeared into thin air. “The world, perhaps? We could rule together, you and I.”

“So you’ve said before,” Chase said in a bored tone, knowing that that had been what she had said to coax him into using the Serpent’s Tail in the first place. But he wasn’t interested in world domination. Actually, there weren't many things that interested him. He collected warriors to turn into cats, of course, but that was just because he could; and also because if he could turn enough warriors to the dark side, it would enshroud the world in darkness. And that was what he wanted. Nothing else mattered to him.

Wuya noticed that Chase hadn't even paused to think about her offers. He had just woodenly refused, without any real passion or energy in his refusal. Appearances were deceiving. Chase was handsome, she had to admit, but there was nothing underneath the surface. He was like one of Jack's robots. Even worse, perhaps - at least Jack's robots had emotion chips.

Determined to get more of a reaction out of Chase, she smiled sweetly and suddenly.

“Someone to love?” she suggested, opening her arms out wide and magically drawing him closer into a playful hug. She said this jokingly, but there was a small part of her hoping he'd take it seriously.

Not so.

“Let – go – of – me,” he spat at her. She released him and stood up from the table, looking undetered, but a little angry nonetheless.

“Just checking to see you’re still alive, Chase. Any normal person would at least contemplate over being offered their heart’s innermost desire.” Her tone grew softer, becoming a mocking purr. “But then, you’re not exactly normal, are you?”

Chase’s slightly raised eyebrow said: “And you are?”

“You have the Xi Yi curse. Perhaps you’d like me to remove it?”

The slits of his eyes widened slightly. She’d finally struck a chord in his scaly heart.

“You can remove it?” he said, a mixture of incredulity and awe in his shocked eyes. He was looking at Wuya with such enthused awareness that she almost thought he was a different person.

“But of course!” She smiled eagerly at Chase’s new-found fervour. At last, she’d found something he wanted. She’d have him wrapped around her little finger in no time at all. “A simple task for someone with my abilities." She closed the space between them, putting her right hand on his forehead. "Hold still,” she said. “You may feel some discomfort…”

Wuya closed her eyes and held up her right hand, a green aura of flames surrounding her. Chase blinked his eyes back, and then turned away sharply, pulling away from Wuya's hand. She opened her eyes in confusion, but Chase spoke first.

“Don’t bother,” he said, appearing to be distracted again, as if he wasn’t giving Wuya his full attention. The small flicker of vitality he had shown towards her had completely vanished: he was the robot again.

Wuya gave him a disinterested look of her own, then. She folded her arms in disappointed annoyance at his inability to show any real interest in anything. The only thing she knew he wanted for sure was Omi. “Fine. I won’t. Now if you’ll excuse me,” she said shortly, slowly flying upwards, “I have a world to rule.”

”Do as you will. I merely wish to watch the Xiaolin warriors. To see if they have prepared themselves.”

“The Xiaolin warriors are no match for us,” Wuya said carelessly, arms still folded.

”You underestimate them. They have been training long and hard for months, ever since our first encounter, in fact. They are not the same warriors they once were.”

He wasn't fooling anybody. She knew he really wanted to fight Omi, not the others. “And you overestimate Omi. They won’t win against me, Chase. Not this time.”

For the first time that day, Chase showed signs of irritation; though it was only because he made his lips mechanically twitch into a deeper frown that Wuya knew he was annoyed.

”Who said I was expecting them to win? I gave you your body back because I want to see their skills pushed to the ultimate limit. They cannot do that against a weak opponent like Jack.” He stopped for a brief moment, seeming to slowly consider something. “In fact, you can bring them here. I’ll test their worthiness instead.”

”It’ll be my pleasure,” she said, grinning lazily. “Consider it done.” On the word ‘done’, she vanished.

The palace shook, and Chase knew that she was summoning her monsters from the ground outside. Why was she so willing to please him? She’d been that way when she’d first approached him as a ghost, expressing her fury towards Spicer for another job badly done. It had been a tiny bit irritating when she had decided to stay permanently, as she was forever talking about Shen Gong Wu, which he had no use for. However, he’d kept her around because she was a good way of keeping an eye on the Xiaolin warriors without drawing too much attention to himself.

He thought back: the day he’d given away his soul, he’d felt such a release. He’d regained his youth, he’d cast aside his weakness, his emotions, and removed the chains and burdens he’d carried within his heart, and suddenly he longer cared what anyone else thought. He would have to continue to take the potion regularly to maintain his human appearance, but that didn’t matter. And when the Demon Lord had told him that he would need a dragon to complete the potion each time, he’d laughed at the irony. A dragon had laid the curse on him – and so it was only fitting that a dragon should pay for its remedy.

He didn’t know it, but the long years of living without any cares or feelings had taken their toll. He was only interested in one thing: bringing a spell of everlasting darkness, and he soon became obsessed with that goal. He wanted the world to be as empty as he felt inside, and he could achieve this, the Demon Lord had told him, by converting enough warriors to the side of darkness. Chase waited for many years, collecting the best warriors of each generation and transforming them into his servants, each warrior bringing the spell a step closer to completion. And now he only required one more warrior. The one he had chosen, the greatest warrior of this generation.

Omi …

To be continued

What's funny is, I wrote this before I saw Saving Omi. I didn't think Chase would REALLY restore Wuya's body...

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Date:October 14th, 2005 10:43 pm (UTC)
Well, I wrote it before I saw any of 2.5, so... yeah.

Chase restored her to her human form in Saving Omi, didn't he? But she doesn't have full powers, which... sucks. I like human Wuya with full powers. She kicks ass.
Date:February 17th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
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