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amelia_124Oct. 25th, 2005 04:06 pm Fanfiction + Fanart

Well, I guess I should post a fic or two... Here are two Teen Titan one-shots I wrote while I was in 'senti' mode... Hehe... They're both Robin/Raven one-shots since I love that pairing so much... The first one, I think is better... Since I didn't spend so much time on the second one... X_x

The Letter

Robin sat down at his desk, holding a pen and staring at a piece of paper. He didn’t know what to do, he felt he had to get his feelings out in letter…

Dear Raven,

Do you even notice how I look at you? How I smile at you? Or are you too busy loving Beast Boy to care? He’s my best friend and so are you…But lately, I’ve been feeling like I want to be more than that to you…

Robin inhaled deeply and closed his eyes…Wondering why he was even writing this…

About Starfire, she’s great and all but you…you…you are just so wonderful. I don’t know how to say this. I thought that she and I were made for each other, but that was then, this is now…Now, I want you to know that I have always wanted you. I kept my feelings bottled up, when you and Beast Boy were laughing together and when I saw you guys kissing, I…

He gritted his teeth at the memories of Beast Boy and Raven together, every secret smile, every hug, every kiss was like a dagger to his heart. Starfire didn’t know that Robin loved Raven…But she wasn’t dumb, she knew that she didn’t hold Robin’s heart. Robin’s feelings for Raven were much deeper than anything he had felt for Starfire. And that night, Robin had overheard Beast Boy and Raven talking. It still hurt to remember what he heard. That night was long ago, but the pain was still intense.

…I didn’t know what to do or say. Your eyes were closed and without a sound, I slipped back into the shadows. That’s why I was acting weird the next day. It was hard seeing the one I loved, together with another guy. It was painful…

I took my frustrations out on one of the punching bags, until I was so angry that I ran outside and started punching the rocks. I hit them again and again, just to get all my anger and jealousy out of me. My hand was bleeding but I didn’t care. The pain in my hand was nothing compared to the pain in my heart.

Robin looked at his hand, though it was healed, he still couldn’t forget that day. He had hastily covered it up before the others came outside to see what was going on.

“Yo, Robin! Ever think about using the obstacle course instead?” Cyborg said when he caught sight of the broken rocks.

“Yes, friend. Hitting rocks is not good for your body. You could get hurt.” Starfire said, running over to him, green eyes showing concern.

“I can help with that.” Raven said, stepping in front of him. Robin’s heart pounded as Raven’s hand touched his. A blue light surrounded his hand and the pain ceased. Raven’s hand held his for a moment longer, a moment which he hoped would never end.
(End Flashback)

Raven, everything was so confusing to me. I know you love Beast Boy and you may not have noticed, but I really like you, I love you... Seeing you guys together was more painful than anything I’ve ever experienced. I felt like my whole world was falling apart. I had no one to talk to, I didn’t know how to tell you about my true feelings. You seem so happy with him. I just wanted to get this all off my chest…I LOVE YOU…Even if you don’t love me back.

Yours forever,

“ARGH! This is stupid!” Robin shouted, crumpling up the letter and throwing it out of his room. “Raven will never see that letter and she’ll never know how much I really care for her! She’ll never know how much I want to hold her and kiss her! NEVER!”

He struck the punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling, it swung backwards and forwards violently. It’s momentum caused it to hit him, his body slammed against the door of his room. He collapsed on the floor, his head in his hands…

BOOM! Raven looked up from the spell book she was reading when she heard a loud noise coming from Robin’s room. “Did anyone hear that?” she asked the others. But they were all too busy watching Cyborg kick BB’s butt at video games. “Forget I asked.”

She walked down the hall to Robin’s door. She was just about to open it when she saw a crumpled ball of paper on the ground…

Curious, she picked it up and decided not to bother Robin. She walked back to the living room and sat down, she put the note in her spell book so the other titans wouldn’t see it.

As she read the letter, she began feeling all sorts of emotions, causing the glass of water next to her to explode. Her eyes watered as she read the letter in his oh-so-neat handwriting. She smiled to herself…

That night…

Robin trudged down the hallway to the kitchen, midnight snacking had become a habit of his. He opened the fridge and pulled out an apple, he sat at the table and ate it, his mind still drifting to the letter…

THE LETTER!! He screamed in his mind. “Where is it?!?! If anyone finds it, I’ll-” he said out loud.

“You’ll what, Robin?” a voice said behind him.

He turned around and saw Raven, standing there, right in front of him. “I uh…I’ll…uh, er, sooo…what are you doing up so late?” he said, stammering.

“I was just about to ask you the same question.” She said, not taking her eyes off him, she held up the letter. “I found this.”

Robin’s eyes widened, Raven has seen the letter. How did she react? He thought.

“Raven, I really…I really…” he said, he straightened up. “I love you.”

There was a moment of silence, Robin’s heart was pounding again, he wasn’t sure what Raven felt.

Suddenly Raven threw her arms around him. Robin was surprised and instinctively, returned her hug.

“But what about Beast Boy?” he asked her.

Raven led him over to the table and sat down. “Robin, Beast Boy and I talked, we decided that we just weren’t right for each other…In other words, we broke up. That night you saw us kissing, was the night we broke up.”

“Raven, I-“ he began before Raven brought a finger to his lips.

“Sh, let me finish. I remembered all the times you were there for me. Remember when you saved me from injury and when you accepted me as a titan, even if my powers were a little dangerous? What I’m trying to say is…I love you too.” She said.

Robin’s heart soared and he hugged Raven. He looked at her and she smiled at him. “I love you so much.” They said in unison.

His lips found hers and behind them, a black aura surrounded the fridge and it exploded. But, nothing could separate them…They knew they were perfect for each other.


Aww... Wasn't that sweet? XP

Now... For the second one... Which I didn't like as much as The Letter...

That Day At The Park

A raven sat on the branch of the willow tree in the park, not singing and all alone. And beneath it sat a young girl. Raven, a member of the Teen Titans. She had amazing powers and so did her teammates. They were all her friends but one person stood out. Robin. The leader of the pack, the person who Raven saw as more than a friend.

‘He’s awesome.’ She thought. ‘He’s kind and brave… He saw past my dark powers and welcomed me into the team. He didn’t make me feel like a freak, he made me feel as if I belonged.’

She was hugging her knees to her chest and watching the couples stroll by. She watched them hold hands and hug. She watched them display their affection for one another… ‘Why exactly do I have such I hard time saying it? Those three little words, “I love you.” Other people say it to each other every day. Why is it so hard for me?’ she thought. ‘Because Robin is special… A boy who has stolen my heart… I really love him… But why is it so hard for me to tell him that? To tell him that I want to hold him and I want to be his. To tell him about my feelings for him.’

She let out a sigh and leaned back against the tree. She closed her eyes and thought about Robin. A smile crept across her face, the wind started to blow and the raven above her was flapping its wings. It looked like it was trying to fly, but it seemed as though it couldn’t.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her. Coming closer and closer. ‘Someone’s here? To see me?’ Normally, she would go out and walk in the park while the others stayed in the tower. They wouldn’t bother her or go with her, they knew she loved to be alone.

‘But I don’t want to be alone… I’m not mean… I just like solitude, but that doesn’t mean I’m capable of feeling.’

The footsteps stopped and the figure cast a shadow on the grass next to her. “Hey.” It said.

‘That voice… It’s… It’s…’ She turned her head and found herself looking straight up at Robin.

“H- Hey yourself.” She said.

“Mind if I sit down with you?”

“Do whatever you want. It’s not like I care.” ‘There I go again! ARGH! Making it seem as if I don’t want him around. Okay, calm down. Just act… Natural.’

“So this is where you go when you say you’re going for a walk.”


“This place seems nice.”


They sat in a comfortable silence… The only sound from them was the swishing of Raven’s cloak when she turned and the sound of Robin’s metal tipped boots clinking together.

“Raven, can I ask you a question?”

She stiffened momentarily but relaxed after she felt his hand on hers. She blushed and was glad that she wore her hood up. “S- Sure.”

“What do you think of me?”

“Huh? Robin, I think you’re a really cool guy who stands up for what you believe in.”

“I mean, HOW do you see me? Am I your friend?”

Her heart rate quickened. “Of course you’re my friend. I mean, we’re on the same team and all…”

“Have you ever thought of me as more than a friend?”

Her eyes widened and let go of his hand and stood up. “As in a best friend?”

He stood up as well, putting a hand on her shoulder. “As in someone you might really really like… Maybe even love.”

She immediately turned away, ‘Tell him! Tell him!’ her head screamed.

Robin gently turned her to face him. “Well, Raven?” He said, holding her head in his hands.

She let out a sigh and stared at his face. She straightened up and cleared her throat. “Robin… I… I’ve always- I mean, I want to tell you- I think that-” She was saying, her normal calmness and collectiveness disappeared.

“At a loss for words?” He said, giving her a smile.

“I love you. I’ve kept all this bottled up for so long. I didn’t know what to tell you. You’ve always been the most wonderful person I’ve ever met…” She finally said. ‘There, I said it. Finally said something I’ve always wanted to say.’

“Raven, I love you too. Always have…” he pulled her into a hug, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She felt like her heart was going to burst. ‘Someone actually cares about me! He loves me… And I love him…’ She returned his hug, and kissed him softly.

He stroked her hair and looked straight into her eyes… She looked so beautiful to him. The raven overhead finally flew away, leaving the two lovers under the willow tree. They sat down again, Raven leaned her back against the tree and Robin had his head in her lap. She was playing with his hair and he was smiling up at her…

They didn’t want to go back to the tower yet… They wanted this time to themselves… That afternoon was a time of silence and endless smiles. Two hearts has finally found each other…


Woo... Now I feel all tingly inside... XD I also bring some XS RP fan-art! ^^ I hope you don't mind but I can only draw anthros... XD For some reason... So Shock's a wolf, Azure and I are cats. Hey Jill! What animal would you like to be?

Lookie! It's Shock, Ruby and Azure. As anthros. And... What happened to Shock's metal arm?? This one's called What Could've Been it's what I think could've happened if Shock hadn't lost his arm and Zurie arrived earlier... This was also posted at Deviantart. It's over here! (The DA version is slightly bigger since Photobucket shrinks pictures...)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here's Shock! Again, as an anthro. I drew his old self and him in his armor. I really hope I got it right... It's hard drawing armor, you know... XD Anyways, guess who he's talking to? XD Not posted at DA yet, but I will... Soon... XD
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also have one more drawing to show but I haven't inked and coloured it yet... I'll get it up ASAP! ^_^

Whew... That was long... XD

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