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RP We Shall! - Fanfictions for all!

amelia_124Apr. 2nd, 2005 04:01 pm RP We Shall!

Care to kick off? The New Dragons... Continued... :D "The guys had smackdown." XD
Master Fung: Young monks, breakfast!
Girls: *run in* Food!
Omi and Clay: *walking in* *sniff*
Omi: I cannot smell a thing.
Clay: I knew fighting in the snow was a bad idea...
Omi: On the contrary, you were the one who fought back.
Clay: Yeah but you started it.
Omi: I momentarily lost control. I merely pushed you.
Clay: Yeah but then you-
Ruby: *gives them their plates* Eat up, boys.
Both: *looks at food*
Ruby: I swear I didn't go into the kitchen today.
Both: *digs in*
Kimiko: Yeah but who says she had to be in the kitchen to make breakfast?
Boys: *stop in mid-chew*
Raimundo: *sneezes loudly*
Girls: GERMS!! *scream*
Raimundo: Very funny... I have a cold now...
Kimiko: Really? YOu don't sound like it.
Raimundo: I swear I do. I feel hot and I can't breathe.
Ruby: *puts hand on Rai's forehead* You're burning up just a little bit. YOu'll live.
Raimundo: You sure?
Ruby: *puts hand on Rai's neck* Yeah, you'll definitely live. Eat up. Get your strenght back.
Kimiko: *pushes plate Ruby's way* You too.
Ruby: Where's Shock? He needs breakfast too...
YOu know the drill, comment and all that jazz.

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Date:April 2nd, 2005 09:12 am (UTC)
Ruby: What? *runs to Shock's room* He really is gone. Oh boy...
Dragons: *follow* Everything okay?
Ruby: Please don't tell me he left.
Raimundo: *puts hand on shoulder* Uh... Cheer up?
Ruby: Cheer up? Cheer... Up? You expect me to cheer up when Shock is CLEARLY gone?!?!
Raimundo: Er... Yes?
Ruby: My bud just left me in this temple with a-
Clay: Oh come on. He can't be gone. I mean, some of his stuff is still here.
Omi: Oh yes, like this thing that looks like Kimiko's game pal.
Ruby: Shock's Game Pal... He loved video games... Shock. Why? WHY? WHY?!?!
Shock: *in doorway* Yeash, I go out for one hour to town to buy some things and you go crazy.
Ruby: Shock! You're alive! *hugs*
Shock: *grits teeth* Get. Off. Me. Have you been drinking coffee again?
Ruby: *innocent face* No...
Date:April 2nd, 2005 09:35 am (UTC)
Shock: Her two get hyper things... Sugar and coffee. That's it, I am taking you off coffee. You're getting waaay too hyper these days.
Ruby: *pops 3 lozenges into mouth* Who? Me? Hyper? What makes you think that? *jumping around* I am NOT hyper! *giggling* No way, no how. Absolutely in now way am I hyper!
Dragons: *sweatdrop*
Kimiko: Uh... Wanna go watch the Blue video marathon?
Ruby: You bet! I've got the chips, the soda, the coffee, the candy and the- *bonk* *falls to the ground*
Shock: *holding up bat* What? It's the only way to get her to shut up.
Date:April 2nd, 2005 09:59 am (UTC)
Kimiko: *slams door and locks it*
Raimundo: Shock is a little... weird and Ruby has hyper issues.
Others: "A little"?!?!
Raimundo: Okay... Maybe really weird. Did you see the way he looked at that Gamepal? It's like he was in love with it!
Ruby: *lying on the floor* *rolls over*
Kimiko: *takes out CD player and puts headphones on Ruby* *presses play*
Ruby: ... DUNCAN!! *wakes up and starts dancing* *dances off*
Raimundo: And Shock?
Dragons: *listen*
Shock: *beeping sounds* *game sounds* Die die die!! Bwahahaha! Feel the wrath of my anti zombie zap! Bwahahahaha!!
Dragons: *sweatdrop*
Kimiko: Should we just leave them like that? *points to Ruby dancing in courtyard*
Raimundo: Hey, they're happy in their own little Lala lands...
Date:April 2nd, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)

You got it!

Omi: *shivers* I can still feel the coldness of being buried in the snow...
Raimundo: Well, DUH! It's snow and it's cold, what did you expect?
Kimiko: Now that the new dragons are relaxing...
Raimundo: If you call going trigger happy on zombies and dancing like a fool in the courtyard relaxing then yeah, I agree. *sneezes*
Clay: So what are we supposed ta do now?
Omi: Training?
Raimundo: You want to us train in this condition?
Kimiko: Video games?
Omi: *sneezes* If we are not well enough even to train, how do you expect us to play video games which require hand eye coordination?
Kimiko: Got any OTHER ideas?
Clay: Actually I've got an idea. *gets ignored*
Kimiko: Or maybe you just want to get me to sing and insult me some more!
Raimundo: Hey Kim, I thought you got over that already. Besides, ya can't get mad at Omi for tellin' the truth.
Kimiko: ... *turns* Say what?
Raimundo: I mean... Uh... Hey look, it's Simon! *points*
Kimiko: *looks* WHERE???
Boys: *run off*
Kimiko: *still looking* HEY!
Ruby: *still dancing* *batteries wind down* Eh? Aww... No more music... Wonder if Shock has any batteries... The guy usually brings some along for his gamepal... *walks to Shock's room and knocks*
Shock: *still playing* So close... Just 3 more medals and I'll finish the game. *pause* Come in! *un-pause* Destroy the zombies, destroy the evil zombies... Bwahahaha!!
Ruby: HEY SHOCK! *thwaps shoulder*
Shock: AH! *resets game* *turns* Get. Out. *growls*
Ruby: *backs away* Just wanted to see if you had any batteries. *sweats* But I see your busy, BYE! *runs out*
Shock: *turns back to game* ... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Back to level one.
Raimundo: *sneezes* Stupid cold... Stupid lozenges... Stupid Ruby making a stupid fuss over stupid Shock...
Ruby: *walks up behind Rai* Hey stupid Rai! Is the stupid cold patient enjoying this wonderfully stupid day in all its stupid splendor?
Raimundo: YOu heard me talking, didn't you.
Ruby: Well, when you're the only one in a big room that makes your voice echo, it's kinda hard NOT to notice. *cheesy grin*
Raimundo: Stop doing that. You nearly gave me a heart attack.
Ruby: *innocent face* Did you get a heart attack?
Raimundo: Well, NO! How does someone get a heart attack from being surprised?
Ruby: So you're NOT hurt then?
Raimundo: Uh... No... I don't think so...
Ruby: Darn it.
Date:April 5th, 2005 06:36 am (UTC)
Master Fung: *sits*
Shock: *sits as well* So... What's up?
Master Fung: *coughs* Your relationship with the other dragons is not as... friendly as the one that Rubianca with them. You seem like a nice boy, why do you have a problem warming up to them?
Shock: Well...
Master Fung: And it seems like you like getting into fights. Particularly with Raimundo. Is there something wrong?
Shock: Yeah. He won't get off my back!
Master Fung: Oh? How so?
Shock: Like... When Ruby and I were teasing Omi about being a vegan. Ruby was teasing him alot and I barely say two words and he's off shouting at me.
Date:April 5th, 2005 08:07 am (UTC)

You got it!

Shock: *stands* What the heck was that for? *kicks wall* What did I ever do to them?!?!
Dojo: For starters, you and Raimundo went a few rounds a coupla times before. And there's the whole, keeping to yourself and nearly losing the Illusion Tiara.
Shock: But I DIDN'T LOSE IT!! *screams* It's right in the vault!
Dojo: Whoa... Calm down kid. If you're gonna be on that team, you're gonna have to start acting like a friend. A good friend.
Shock: I AM a good friend.
Dojo: Never said you weren't. *under breath* Never said you were either.
Ruby: *walks in* Hey, Shock happens to be a very good friend... Gives great advice. Helped me out. *smiles*
Shock: See?
Dojo: One person.
Shock: ARGH!
Ruby: *giggles* *kneels* Hey Dojo, trust me on this... Shock is a good guy. A good friend. All he needs is time...
Dojo: I guess...
Both: *look at Shock*
Shock: Would everyone just stop doing that?? I feel like you're all shrinks! Saying "He just needs time." and looking at me like you're gonna eat me... Or something...
Ruby: Man... I'm hungry...
Dojo: Ditto... Food time! *runs to the kitchen*
Ruby: *pats* Cheer up, dude. They'll warm up to ya in no time.
Shock: Shut it with the cheery attitude already.
Ruby: Just trying to help! *waltzes out*
Date:April 6th, 2005 06:47 am (UTC)

Re: You got it!

Shock: ... *flops on the ground* *snores*
Omi: *standing on head* Ow... The hotness...
Clay: *roping targets*
Kimiko: *high kicks targets*
Raimundo: Hey Ruby, wanna train together? We could spar.
Ruby: Hnn... *looks over at Shock* You should spar with him, you guys are more evenly matched anyway.
Raimundo: *disappointed* Okay...
Ruby: *grins* He'll go easy on you, unlike me!
Raimundo: Right... Whatever. *kicks Shock* You, me, spar. NOW.
Shock: *rolls over*
Raimundo: *frustrated* Don't make me get the water...
Date:April 6th, 2005 07:22 am (UTC)

Re: You got it!

Raimundo: *eyes shrink* This won't end well...
Shock: *strangles* Why you little--
Raimundo: *choke* Didn't... *gasp* Think. *gasp* You'd be this worked up.
Shock: I try to sleep and you splash me with water. WHAT DID YOU THINK I WOULD DO?? *tightens grip*
Raimundo: I dunno. *gasp* I just wanted to spar.
Shock: YOu wanna spar?!? YOU WANNA SPAR?!?!
Ruby: Eep...
Shock: *drops* Okay. Let's fight.
Raimundo: *rubs throat* Ouch...
Ruby: *tries to help* *touches his neck* That musta hurt...
Raimundo: Yeah... I think it's okay now. Ouch... *breathes*
Ruby: Oh come on, he isn't THAT strong.
Raimundo: Has he ever strangled you before?
Ruby: Nah... I just give him "The Look".
Raimundo: Yeah... "The Look"... This... *pulls puppy dog pout*
Shock: That doesn't work on me. *chanting* It won't work. It won't work on me...
Raimundo: *laughs* *feels pain* *coughs*
Ruby: You sure you okay?
Shock: *whistles* Let's go!
Raimundo: Right. *stands up*
Both: *battle stance*
XS: *drop what they're doing to watch*
Ruby: Popcorn?
XS: *nod mechanically*
Both boys: *face each other*
Raimundo: KIYA!! *runs at Shock*
Shock: *dodges and ducks* *punches Raimundo's gut*
Kimiko: Hey hey hey! Sparring! No actual pyhsical contact! I think...
Raimundo: *gets back up and lunges at Shock*
Omi: Err... Nobody is supposed to get hurt here.
Clay: *points* Do they know that?
Boys: *punching and kicking each other*
Date:April 8th, 2005 05:54 am (UTC)
Ruby: *gulps* Errr... Shock?
Shock: *concentrating*
Raimundo: *stands* I don't think you should-
Omi: Yes. You have just started and-
Clay: Partner, take a moment to calm down and relax... Don't try using yer element now!
Kimiko: *films* This oughta be good.
Ruby: *steps closer* Shock, you shouldn't be doing that...
Raimundo: *puts arm in front of her* Careful. He doesn't know what he's doing.
Shock: I SO DO! LIGHTNING!! *bright flash for light* *sparks everywhere*
XS: *screaming*
Shock: *surrounded by electricity* I can do this!
Ruby: *steps closer*
Raimundo: *grabs her* NO! YOu could get hurt! COME ON! *all run out*
*big kaboom*
Date:April 8th, 2005 06:20 am (UTC)
Ruby: *moves closer* Shock? *looks at him* *gasp* SHOCK!
Raimundo: Huh? What happened? *looks* Oh no... GUYS! GET IN HERE!
XS: *run out* What?
Kimiko: *still filming*
Clay: What in tarnation?
Omi: Oh no. This is most alarming.
Raimundo: Calm down!
Shock: *groaning* What... is... going on? *closes eyes*
Ruby: *kneels* Shock no! Hold on. Please. Clay, take him somewhere where he can be treated. Kimiko, call Master Fung. Omi, help Clay. Take care of Shock.
Raimundo: *winces* Are you sure you wanna-
Ruby: GO! His life is at stake here!
XS: *spring into action* *run into the temple*
Raimundo: C'mon. You got sparked a few times. You'll need help too.
Ruby: I'm fine. We HAVE to make sure he's going to be okay. *runs after Clay*
Raimundo: I knew he shouldn't have done that...
Date:April 8th, 2005 11:53 am (UTC)
Ruby: *tears in eyes*
Raimundo: Come on guys... Let's go. *leading them to the door*
Kimiko: But Rai-
Raimundo: Master Fung said we should leave now go.
XS: *wait outside*
Omi: Shock should not have tried using his dragon element...
Kimiko: He wasn't ready...
Clay: What do ya think is gonna happen to his arm?
Raimundo: I have no idea... It doesn't look good.
All: *hear sounds of shouting*
Shock: *shouting*
---4 hours later---
Master Fung: *comes out*
XS: *stand up*
Master Fung: You may go see him now...
XS: *runs in*
Shock: *lying down and sleeping* *all covered up with blankets*
Ruby: *sitting down next to him* *crying*
Raimundo: *walks over* You okay?
Ruby: *looks at him* That's a funny question... Let's see... My best buddy Shock is in pain and his arm is practically burnt off while I now realize that he did it because he was trying to keep that lightning bolt from hitting me!
Kimiko: Whoa... We know you're mad-
Raimundo: *pats her back*
Ruby: Because he wanted to prove that he was good enough to be a dragon... He knew he was good enough... I knew he was good enough...
Omi: He risked his life and yours and not to mention Raimundo's when he tried using his dragon element.
Clay: But...
Kimiko: To keep you and Rai from getting hurt, he diverted that lightning bolt to himself...
Raimundo: That take a lot of guts.
Ruby: I just don't know what he's gonna think when he finds out he lost his arm...
XS: Ah... *few moments* WHAT?!?!
Ruby: *starts crying harder* We couldn't save his arm...
Kimiko: *gasps*
Raimundo: ... What?
Ruby: I SAID HIS ARM IS GONE! There. *sniff*
Shock: *stirring* Hnn... Huh? What?
Ruby: *eyes light up* SHOCK! *starts trying to help* Does this hurt? How are you feeling? Are you rested now? Don't ever do that again! *hugs*
Shock: You're touching me... Get off! *tries to push her away* Hey... What the? *lifts blankets with good arm* ...
Omi: Oh no.
Clay: This won't end well.
Kimiko: I HAVE to get this on tape.
Raimundo: Get the ear plugs.
Ruby: *gulps* Shock...
Date:April 9th, 2005 06:37 am (UTC)
Raimundo: Yeesh... Grumpy much?
Ruby: Hey, he just lost his arm... Poor guy... *runs after*
Kimiko: That went better than I expected... I was thinking more screaming and shouting and yelling.
*sounds of Shock screaming and yelling*
Shock: MY ARM!! MY WHOLE ARM! MY FRIGGIN ARM!!! *more shouting*
Omi: Are those three not the same thing?
Clay: Wonder what's he gonna do now...
XS: *shrugs*
*sounds of things getting thrown around* *more shouting*
Ruby: Yes...