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Introducing... - Fanfictions for all!

amelia_124Mar. 18th, 2005 08:32 am Introducing...


Well... Shock had a *brilliant* idea to start a fic that introduced our two characters, Shock and Rubianca. *thinks* Rubianca sounds too long, how about RUBY! Okay, Shock and Ruby, our two new dragons...

Raimundo: KIYA! *kicks moving training dummy*
Kimiko: Tangle Web Comb! *wraps it in hair*
Omi: *throws moving training dummy onto the ground*
Clay: *jumps onto training dummy*
Training dummy: *splat*
XS: *high fives*
Raimundo: Nice work guys.
Omi: Oh yes, our speed has improved muchly!
Master Fung: *walks out* Hello Young ones, I have a surprise for you. New students!
Omi: Ah yes... This has happened once before!
Kimiko: Really, Master Fung? New students?
Master Fung: Yes, come to the grand hall. *walks to the grand hall*
XS: *follow*
*walk into the grand hall to see a boy and a girl standing there*
Master Fung: Dragons, meet Ruby *points to the girl* and Shock *points to the guy*.
Ruby: *nudges Shock* You talk first. *whispers*
Shock: No way. You do it. *whispers*
Ruby: Why me?
Shock: Just do it.
Ruby: I hate you. *pouts*
Shock: I know you do. *smirks*
Ruby: *clears throat and waves nervously* Hi... I'm Rubianca but you can call me Ruby. I'm not really sure what to say right now. But I hope we can be good friends in the future.
Shock: *rasberry*
Ruby: *vein pulsing* Anyways, uh... That's about it.
Kimiko: *shakes hand* Hi.
Clay: *tips hat*
Clay: At last, Kimiko will have another girl to talk to and giggle about girl stuff! *jumps up and down*
Raimundo: *staring* Hi...
Ruby: Your turn... *pushes Shock in front*
Shock: *coughs*

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 18th, 2005 08:11 am (UTC)

Re: I'm back yo! Crank it up!

Rubianca: *sweatdrop* Right... And you guys are?
Kimiko: Kimiko. Xiaolin dragon of the wind.
Omi: Omi. The ever powerful dragon of the water!
Raimundo: Guy's got ego issues.
Rubianca: *giggles*
Clay: Howdy, I'm Clay. Xiaolin dragon of the earth.
Raimundo: And I'm Raimundo, dragon of the wind.
Rubianca: *confused* Dragons? Huh?
Omi: I see you have much to learn! But first, let us show you to your rooms...
Rubianca: Hey Shock! Come on!
Shock: *shrugs and follows*
Omi: *stops in front of Shock's room* Here is where you shall be staying. *opens door* Ta dah!
Shock: Great... *expressionless* *walks in*
Clay: Dinner's in half an hour so we still got time to show ya the rest of the-
Shock: No thanks. *closes door*
XS: *turn to Rubianca*
Rubianca: Don't ask...
Omi: And here is where you shall be staying! *opens door*
Rubianca: Thanks! *walks in and turns*
Raimundo: Don't want a tour?
Rubianca: I'm kinda tired... Maybe after dinner?
Raimundo: Okay...
Rubianca: *closes door*
Kimiko: She seems nice.
Clay: But that Shock guy...
Omi: Maybe he just needs time to get used to the ways of the temple! I am sure that in a few days, we shall be the best of friends!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 19th, 2005 09:11 am (UTC)
Rubianca: *giggling* I am so gonna get there first!
Raimundo: Not if I can help it!
Shock: *running* That all you got?
Kimiko: *panting* I haven't even begun to tire!
Shock: Right... *runs faster*
Kimiko: HEY! *tries to run faster*
Raimundo: *catches up* I almost got it... *reaches out*
Rubianca: No! I'm getting it! *reaches out as well*
Both: *trip over each other* AH!
Raimundo: Ow...
Rubianca: That hurt...
Shock: *catches up and snags the cherry bonsai tree* Ha! Mine!
Rubianca: Darn it.
Kimiko: *walking**panting* Okay... Shock got this one... Let's just try for the next one.
Rubianca: *thumbs up* Okay. Hey Rai.
Raimundo: Yeah?
Rubianca: You run pretty well! *smiles*
Girls: *walk off*
Raimundo: Thanks...
Shock: *carrying cherry bonsai* Tell me this is the last one... *hands it to Raimundo* Take it.
Raimundo: Yeah. It is... *distracted* *drops cherry bonsai on Shock's foot*
Shock: OW! HEY!!
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 19th, 2005 09:44 am (UTC)
Omi: *spiral eyes* Ow... That has pained me so.
Clay: *picks up big acorn* Here little squirrel...
Squirrel: *twitches* *runs towards Clay*
Clay: *bends down* How about that black acorn for this bigger one?
Squirrel: *looks happy* *drops black acorn in Clay's hand*
Clay: *hands over the big acorn*
Squirrel: *runs off*
Omi: *stands up* Ah, now we must look for the next item!
Clay: Which is... A blue pot.
Omi: Ah yes! I know that one! It is the one by the kitchens! Come Clay! *leads*
Clay: *walks after*
Rubianca: *climbing tree* Are you sure its up here? It seems a little dangerous.
Kimiko: Don't worry, as long as you don't fall it'll be okay...
Rubianca: *standing on a branch* Okay... *walks* *branch cracks* Oh darn it... AAAHHH!!!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 20th, 2005 11:25 am (UTC)
Kimiko: *smirks*
Omi: What?
Master Fung: Moving on... Shock is a nice boy but I think he takes getting used to. I am sure that in time, he shall be more of a friend to you.
Raimundo: I wouldn't hold my breath.
Kimiko: *elbows* RAI!
Raimundo: So... Rubianca is supposed to be nurturing and helpful huh? *thinks*
Others: *confused looks*
Master Fung: Now, you must go to bed. Good night, young ones...
XS: *walks into their rooms*
Raimundo: *pokes head out the door and sneaks across the hall* *knocks on Rubianca's door*
Rubianca: *opens door* *yawns* Rai? What are you... OMIGOSH!!
Raimundo: *holding arm with blood on it* *groans* I think that fight in the junk yard.... OUCH!
Rubianca: Eek! *grabs him*
Raimundo: *thinks* "YES!"
Rubianca: Sit... *lets him sit down* *rummages through backpack*
Raimundo: You carry around medical supplies?
Rubianca: Doesn't everybody? Hold still... *applies some medicine*
Raimundo: OUCH!!
Rubianca: Aw... Poor wittle baby. I'll give ya a kiss when this is all over. And... THERE! Done... Feel better?
Raimundo: Much... Thanks.
Rubianca: *smiles* Well... Okay! *leads him out and closes the door*
Raimundo: *walks into his room* Darn... Forgot my kiss...
---Jack's house---
Jack: *zaps* Ah... The sweet smell of satisfaction...
Wuya: *sniffs* I don't smell anything... *eyes widen* Except for more sweat.
Jack: *sniff* What? I was working hard!
Wuya: Right.
Jack: Well, I'm hitting the hay. Night, Wuya.
Wuya: But we must carry out the plan!
Jack: It can wait till tomorrow. Robot's aren't done yet...
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 21st, 2005 02:07 am (UTC)
Jack: Glad you understand... NOW ITS CHOW TIME! *snarf*
Wuya: I am so happy that I lost my ability to eat years ago...
Jack: Whaf? If goof!!! *snarfs more*
Wuya: *watches pieces of chocolate go through her* Kids these days...
---Xiaolin Temple---
Shock: *grumbling* *slams door*
Kimiko: Rai, you were really hard on him...
Raimundo: Yeah huh.
Kimiko: Are you even listening to me?
Raimundo: I'm sorry... What?
Rubianca: *laughing* You two are so cute together.
Kimiko: Who? *looks at Raimundo* EWW!!
Raimundo: *coughs* No way. No how.
Rubianca: Right... Denial!
Clay: *pokes Shock's food* Boy, he keeps missin all them meals...
Omi: *digging in oatmeal* Mmm...
Kimiko: *nudges* Rai. You better give it to Shock.
Raimundo: Me? Why me?
XS: *stern look*
Raimundo: Ugh... Fine. *picks up tray* *walks to Shock's door and knocks*
Shock: *opens door* Whadaya want now?
Raimundo: Just wanted to give you your breakfast. *hands him the tray*
Shock: Not hungry. *begins to close door*
Raimundo: HEY! *tray goes flying* *hot food spills on Shock and Raimundo*
Shock: OW! KLUTZ!!
Raimundo: *wincing* Ow...
Rubianca: Omigosh! Shock! *wipes food off Shock* You okay?
Shock: *grunts* Hot.
Raimundo: I'm fine, thanks for asking...
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 21st, 2005 08:19 am (UTC)
Rubianca: *looks at bruise on Shock's shoulder* Shock, you okay?
Shock: *grumbles* Fine. Just a bruise. *winces*
Rubianca: *walks over* You sure?
Shock: *closes eyes and goes back to meditating*
Master Fung: Come Raimundo. You must meditate as well.
Raimundo: Okay, fine. *sits far from Shock*
Master Fung: Sit here. *points next to Shock*
Both: WHAT?!
Master Fung: Sit young dragon.
Rubianca: *coughs*
Master Fung: Rubianca, do you wish to join us?
Rubianca: Well... I've got nothing to do really...
Master Fung: Well then, sit between the boys. Perhaps then they will stop glaring at each other.
Rubianca: *Smiles and sits*
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:March 21st, 2005 09:08 am (UTC)
All three: *meditating*
Rubianca: *starts giggling*
Raimundo: What?
Rubianca: Just thinking about the fight earlier...
Shock: Will you quit laughing? You're always giggling or laughing like a maniac.
Rubianca: I can't help it! It's my nature.
Raimundo: Speaking of Nature-
Shock: More like you're always coffee high.
Raimundo: Know what-
Rubianca: *laughing more* And you! You're like a cat! Always with the milk. You're addicted to it.
Shock: So?
Raimundo: You know about your dragon elements-
Rubianca: Mr. Big and Strong? Bah! *giggles*
Shock: *looks at her* Like you're the tough girl?
Rubianca: YEAH I AM! You should know that. We spar together.
Raimundo: That it's really important that-
Shock: Well, I guess you're tougher than you look.
Rubianca: You better believe it.
Both: *go back to meditating*
Raimundo: You do know that-
Both: SHH!!
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