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Welcome to Sudden Death 101. We are now totally fanfics people! :D
*cough* Uh... Shock dude... It's been turned into a Xiaolin Showdown role play community...
Uh... yeah... I so knew that... *shifty eys*

Anywho, now once you become a member, you can begin writing your own fanfics on this communtiy! Whether it be Xiaolin Showdown [plug...] or Dragon Ball Z [my own XD] or that... one... danny... ghost guy... [Ruby? Help with the name here?]

So post em up for a little Reveiw from the rest of us! We request if you put your fanfics up here, they be cross posted to fanfic.net. If you have a profile there, let us know and we'll put it up here:

Profile for shockman:
Check my mad author skills! Or... was it insane? o.O

Profile for amelia_124:
My luffable fics ^_^ *glomps Raimundo*

Profile for jadebell
Woship Chase Young! Bwahaha! XD

Here are the rules if you wish to join one of the community fanfics... [currenlty, we're doing Xiaolin Showdown]

001. Keep an eye on the Shen Gong Wu spreadsheets. (Ie: this post.)

002. DO NOT post back to back comments without a friend alternating with you.

003. DO NOT post a comment longer than 25 lines [normal length] unless requested by your RP buddy. [up to 50 lines]

004. DO NOT use swear words or vulgarity. Remember this is a KID'S show here.

005. If you dare go god-mode, I will be very very angry... (I tell you, if I catch someone god-moding, I will not be liable for my actions...)

006. For all new members, please refer to this post. (And for members with an OC... At the bottom of the post, there's a little form for you to fill out.)

007. New chapters in the RP will be posted as Friends Only. Do not start up a new chapter unless you have the mods' approval.

008. Please read the previous chapters to get a rundown on what's happened, which team has who on it, pairings (*cough**cough*), etc... (Uh... Those'll be put in the Memories section... I'll do it... Eventually... :P )

009. Uh... I can't think of anything else right now... Oh, yeah! Erherm: Have fun! :D

Your Mods and Members...
(Evil dictator *thwap* I mean... Head Mod) shockman OC info here
(Lackey...) amelia_124 OC info here
cartoonhottie OC info here
gulliblemonk OC info here